Ethel the Aardvark goes to the Movies

Way, way back,...... when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Monty Python was considered anarchically disruptive humor, Ethel the Aardvark  waddled onto the scene, determined to go quantity surveying, for the betterment of all man (beast?) kind. (Check out the Bookshop sketch for further info. John Cleese even wrote a book !) Please click the button below:

Amongst a certain generation ( definitely not you, all you Millenials)  “aardvarking”  became  code for  being dragged off to yet another artsy movie, gallery opening or installation event. I have to ‘fess up and share that I probably subjected my family and friends to one too many of those, but I am with Alain de Botton in believing that the recreating and retelling of the  beautiful, the good and the true are therapy, they do us goo, they feed the soul  and are worth a discussion.

This blog is about the movies that appeal to those of us for whom the adjective list for a good movie sounds perilously close to describing a meal .Anywhere between’',” good, nourishing broth,” to,” gloriously luscious.” The visual hedonists amongst us who watch moving pictures for the sheer joy of feeding their ever searching, hungry eyes. 


This is the conversation that would happen, post movie-date, if a jackrabbit and an aardvark walked into a bar,..........