JackRabbit Digital is a collaborative workshop of creators, technologists, makers, visual artists, and writers. We share a vision of our future unfolding, profoundly shaped by our abilities to communicate and cross-pollinate through the multiple media platforms offered by the technologies of the moment and the future, intersecting with a deep regard for our shared human experience and reverence for where we have been. Our aim is to utilize and explore the many-faceted frontiers of modern media to create something new.   

The company came into being in 2014 as the result of an ongoing creative conversation and collaboration between its three founding members, Rachael Staudt, Bernard Mouton and Diane Lockett.

Since then we have partnered with many in our creative community to share in our ventures into the fields of: Event photography, creative photography, graphic design, product presentation and advertising, videography and sound editing, website creation, blogging and social commentary.

We provide our clients and audience with a way to navigate the future anchored in a collective history of experience and expertise with a dedication to craftsmanship and quality.