Artists Reception at Desta Art & Tea Gallery

Last Friday evening the Rabbit Team headed over to San Anselmo to check out an art opening that was happening at Desta Art and Tea Gallery. It was a beautifully executed event complete with a delicious spread, tea infused cocktails, and animated conversation. People were impressed with the new gallery and the work that was on display. While swirling drinks I listened in on several people as they discussed the qualities of several of the sculptures and an interest in taking one home with them that evening. Overall there was a wonderful balance of mediums and genera including sculpture, pottery, mixed media, paintings, and hand crafted jewelry.

After a significant amount of time mingling and stealth photography I took a tour through the expansive hallway where most of the guests were mingling. In a room near the back, I was treated to drink table with several options. I settled on a Jasmine Green Tea Vodka Infused Cocktail. It was absolutely delightful. I found that the drink perfectly balanced the flavor of the flowery green tea and the smooth tickle of vodka. Thankfully I was not alone at the event and was able to hand off my drink to a fellow Rabbit while photographing the festivities. I am pretty good at one handed photography but it can be a little bit challenging. I took turns sipping, shooting, chatting, and nibbling for the rest of the evening. I found myself connecting with several of the guests, sharing our creative lives, and love of tea. I felt that the gallery fostered an atmosphere that made it possible to open up to others in the space and to share a love of the work on display.

In all honesty I have to say that I don't know if there is a better combination than Tea and Art. The owner of the tea shop and gallery is a woman named Emebet. She has created a place that I believe will mingle members of the community over a shared love of exquisite and unique teas paired with local artists and designers in the area.

 A quote from their website states that

           "Our mission is to connect communities, artists and collectors in an atmosphere that arouse creativity and 

           stimulate the senses and intellect."

I think that Desta was perfectly successful in that endeavor at the event we attended. We look forward to future tea and art events, art workshops, and private tea tastings at this new jewel of a gallery in the heart of Marin. We hope to see you there!

Please take a moment to have a look at Desta's website by clicking on the button below.