Art Opening at Seager/Gray Gallery: Fresh Paint -Leslie Allen

Leslie Allen: Fresh Paint

March 3 - March 29, 2015

Reception for the artist: Friday, March 13, 6 to 8 pm   

The Seager/Gray Gallery has become something of an institution amongst the Art lovers of The North Bay Area and even beyond. You know what you are getting.... pretty much the best on offer in the area. An invitation to view an opening of new work is an invitation to a treat.

The Gallery has relocated to a new Space on Throckmorton Ave in Downtown Mill Valley and on what turned out to be an unseasonably warm and almost Summery evening, Leslie Allen showed her new work in an exhibition entitled “Fresh Paint."

Featured artist: Leslie Allen, middle

Featured artist: Leslie Allen, middle

The unexpected balminess of the evening turned out to be fortuitous as it accommodated overspill onto the pavement  of the animated and enthusiastic crowd of all ages and persuasions  that turned up to enjoy the Art, the wine, the space and chatting with each other. The new space is open and light and has great social flow, the fact that it is located  smack-dab in the center of old town Mill Valley on one of its busiest intersections doesn’t hurt either. Perhaps it was the evening, but it had that very Californian flavour of outdoors and indoors being equal partners. People moved in and out comfortably as their tolerance for light, noise and the press of the crowd ebbed and flowed.

Leslie Allen's work seems to fit right into that specifically Californian Bay Area school of painting of which Richard Diebenkorn seems to be the honorary Grandaddy. Full of light and air and the feel of the sea and fog, the colours and contours seem to be filtered through sun and coastal haze. It’s a spacious and optimistic kind of work with a definite sense of fun in its cut-outs and speech bubbles. All of which belies the obvious mastery of the lightness of her touch.

The crowd was picking up on the festive mood of the Art, having fun. There were smiles and laughter with old friends and new acquaintances. There were those who had planned to come and those who wandered in with their kids after dinner on the town square. Old and distinguished looking gentlemen with canes and berets in earnest conversation with equally serious and engaged teenagers. The young and carelessly beautiful, the well heeled and impeccably dressed, the interesting and arresting with the imprint of a life well lived showing plainly in their faces. In short, life as it is lived on a lovely Spring evening in Mill Valley.