DZINE Gallery Inauguration

Environments are tricky things. They provide us with a sense of place and of security. They are an open dialog box running at the back of our minds. If you live in the bay area you may be aware that this part of the world can take the concept of space to another level. The integration of all things useful and beautiful acted as a theme radiating from the center of all the rooms on display.

I found many conversations alongside the beautiful furniture, objects, and artwork.

Sipping wine in thoughtful contemplation

Having perused through my share of Gallery Openings I can say that this one - was unique. Integration of beauty and context are not always the focus of a show. But this opening was wonderfully refreshing. Walking through the doorway was stepping into a fully realized and beautifully executed curation of imagery and space. Each room was a thought - a vignette unto itself. The detail was simply immaculate.


The bathrooms were an absolute treat. Clean lines and a lack of visual clutter all opening up and relaxing the mind. But I have to admit to falling in love with a bathroom model that was tucked away at the back of the gallery. An LED projector was mounted behind the bathtub and rotated through several designed that were projected into the tub itself. The light show was spectacular, cycling through various patterns that included moving or running water.

The images highlighted the feeling of being in-between, yet they were part of a fixed show. They asked you to be aware of the paradox that all human beings face today - the need for stability alongside flexibility. That paradox has an effect on our spaces - images- and interactions with one another.  Several of the photographs asked you to re-imagine places that are perceived to be familiar around the bay area. In the photograph below you will see a brightly lit and quiet Ikea parking lot. That is a paradox if you have ever had the pleasure of shopping at Ikea. The artist Johnna Arnold pulls at the corners of ones mouth with a sense of the extraordinary in our backyard.


The showroom that DZINE presented was dynamic yet held a sense of pliability that is a requirement for the modern 21st century living space. The gallery show is running through summer, ending in August of 2015. I strongly recommend taking a walk through this space and pausing for a moment to embrace the change that is sweeping through our lives at both a local and global level. 

There were so many moments of connection and relaxation among old and newly found friends.

A selection of our photos can be found below and please click on the button to learn more about DZINE.