Desert Arts Preview - Fort Mason San Francisco

Nothing says, “summer is coming, “ in the Bay Area, quite like the anticipatory buzz around Burning Man....

Our very own, homegrown community arts and social creativity project that began life as a small event on Bakers Beach and over time has exploded into an eight day long incandescent flowering of human ingenuity and social pioneering out in the desert. The city on the Playa has become the Northern Hemisphere and the modern worlds’ answer to India's ancient and venerable Khumb Mela and is now looking set to go global with International Participants and Offshoots. Here is a photo of an Art Installation in 2012 from Afrikaburn in Tankwa, South Africa.

AfrikaBurn 2012 Mirage. Images © Jonx Pillemer

To really appreciate Burning Man you need to see the Art Installations over time. Have a look at this collection of the top 50 Artworks to date.

Aside from all the brouhaha about getting in, the raffles, the tickets, the gear, the planning, the rides, the tribes......all of the Burners, the Makers and the Gifters are brushing off their best ideas. From “what am I going to wear,” to “OMG, how do we build that...” The Amsteel Warehouses are open, the Flux Foundation has put out a call for volunteers.......the clock is ticking till August. The game is on...

On a chilly evening down at Fort Mason, earlier this month, the Desert Arts Preview gave us a sneak peek at some of the projects about to get underway.

The projects, as usual, spanned a whole range of visual and emotional reactions, from fun/fantasy/fuzzy/silly to profound and deeply moving and some all in the same package, which seems to be becoming a hallmark of the work of Burning Man. Below is the footage of the presentations in case you didn't have a chance to make it out to the event.

The individuals and teams shared their efforts with great confidence and professionalism. Not sure to whom the biggest shout out should go, but a big welcome to the team from Taiwan carrying the flag for the Asian/Pacific contribution.

If you would like to have a look at the individual artists projects here are a few teasers!


After the presentation and questions from the audience everyone gathered in the lobby for drinks, eats and socializing. Fun and festivities ensued!

Here at JackRabbit, the Burning Man philosophy of free creative gifting and making has become one of out favorite things and we intend to follow along as the train gathers steam for this years blowout at Black Rock City.

Black Rock City 2010 Satellite Image

Whenever we are feeling that all the fun has been sucked out of the world, that greed, intolerance and plain old human stupidity is going to drown us and rob us of a future.........

            we simply remember our favorite things,

            and then we don’t feel so bad!

In a million years we would never have imagined Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music playbook in the same room, but when we think about works!

Photo Credit Jessica Devnani from