Wie geht's from the JackRabbits

The period 2016-2017, as in the larger world, has been a year of changes for us at Jackrabbit Digital Studios. Our online presence dipped dramatically, but there was feverish activity behind the scenes. We went through what could be described as a gestation and rebirthing process as we (rather painfully and uncomfortably) unpicked and reformed what began as an enthusiastic “garage band free-for-all” (which was a lot of fun, don’t get us wrong!) and matured into what we intended this collaboration of talents to be from the beginning. A big tree in whose shade a lot of very creative projects could seedling and grow.

Our three founding members went through some big life changes.

Rachael moved into the City and began living the weird, fantastic, slightly surreal tech matrix that is San Fransisco at this moment in time.

Bernard temporarily put down his cameras and began co-authoring, architecting and coding, not one, but two Tech apps.

Diane moved into commercial studio space and decided to get back to her original love, painting.

In the midst of all this upheaval we continued the conversation about what Jackrabbit needed to be, how it had touched and sparked others’ creative processes, ( more of that later) rather like yoghurt culture. We talked of how we each needed more skill sets than we had presently in our tool bags. Hence the year of deep-diving and research and re-forming.

We have come full circle back to the place we started, full of enthusiasm and new ideas, more confident in our individual paths and projects and more convinced than ever that the Jackrabbit, our Avatar, can jump higher, run faster and look cuter than ever before.

Welcome back.