JackRabbit Studios

Is a band of creators, innovators, thinkers, makers and doers.


CREATION begins with an IDEA

To become REAL in the WORLD the idea needs to take a JOURNEY


Is a band of creators, innovators, thinkers, makers and doers.

Join us on the journey


The Graphic Studio

"A picture is worth a thousand words" has been the basic premise for Graphic Design for a very long time. However, the traditional two dimensional image has seen some revolutions in its recent history. First,the camera, then the moving image and now the digital image. Paradoxically, all this has made the hand drawn image even more precious. We treasure and nurture visual storytelling in all its forms.

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Diane Lockett

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Katherine Lewis

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It used to be that certain social equations were easily recognisable and universally understood.

For instance, that...

was self-evident.

Nowadays the equations expression has expanded though certain values remain a constant.


So we proved it.

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We curate digital galleries for three photographers with very different "eyes" and vision. Each bringing their own sense of individuation and personal style. Some looking out , some looking in . From the freshly minted street image to heavily manipulated abstracted compositions. What they share is a sense of adventure and a willingness to experiment with all the tools of a digital darkroom.

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Made with skill and craft by hands for other hands to touch.Its all about color and texture, weight and feel. if you can stretch it, squeeze it, prod it and maybe even hug it, you are in the makers world. There might be monsters in this world, but they are the kind you want to take home with you.


The Written word and how we read, hear, relate to and absorb it, has been inexorably changed by the world of digital media.Words and images have become flexible and interchangeable.Where Literature and Art used be two distinct disciplines they are synchronising into a third entity. We'd like to explore that borderland .