Digital Studio

The Digital Studio

These three photographers are the original "band of brothers," ( and a sister!) from which Jackrabbit Digital Studios began. Endless table-side conversations fueled by technical issues with both the hardware and software of the digital image business were the ground from which all of our original projects  sprang. Years later the conversation continues.

Bernard Mouton

Bernard's images are characterized by an expansive sense of space, light and air. He has been working for some time with High Definition Panorama  and Videography. There is speculation that his being taller than the rest of us might have something to do with the epic nature of his work.

Bertrand Mouton

Bertrand is the original technical wonk. Having  twice learned the art of manipulating images, once in a wet darkroom and again in a digital darkroom , his knowledge of the tool-set is impressive. His images are complex, layered, intricate and detailed with a sensitivity to the drama of subject and atmosphere.


Rachael Staudt

Rachael is a communicator. One of the first wave of street fashion bloggers she shares her delight  and warmth for the world around her through her lens. From gritty street kids to celebrities on the red carpet , she gives her vision to  her audience with the same honesty , candor and humor .