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The Tech Studio


That the first offering from our over-subscribed, somewhat frazzled team evolved around time management was a surprise to no-one. We all have too much on our plates - from the student and solo-preneur to small enterprises and collaborative groups needing the ability to mold and tweak their busy days, co-ordinate with their peers and steer their projects to a successful outcome.

Timecraft is now in BETA TESTING. Combining Data Visualization and Metrics to gain sweeping overviews of how time is allocated in order to acquire quick insights and to drive navigation. It combines the best of task management with project oversight.



Showcase Project: Time Craft


The overview, allows quick visualization of projects and their position and relative sizes on a timeline for fast selection and navigation of tasks that are late, need to be done, or their relative sizes.  This allows an intuitive grasp of whether the project is heading in the right direction and what is needed to get it there.

Time Shaping


A time line view of tasks allows you to see the project unfold over time. See the relative sizes of each task in terms of duration allowing you to get a sense of your project at a glance and whether or not it "feels" right. In essence, shaping and crafting time to achieve an outcome.



A traditional Kanban workflow allowing you and other project members see the state of each task as it progresses through the workflow.

Task Management

Task List

A different visual representation of tasks that allow the team to make quick edits to tasks. Task management in a nutshell.


Bernard Mouton

Bernard is our Anchorman in the Tech studio. Projects may come and go but "the Dude abides."  His technical home turf is Architectural design and DevOps

Born In Africa and raised in the U.S.A. Bernard is a Bay Area Renaissance geek, which means he occasionally unplugs to do other things. He hikes, he sails and has been known to make pretty classy sushi. He is also an old fashioned board and arcade game afficionado.


One of JackRabbits' original founders, Bernard has done his time as an events and commercial photographer and videographer plus he is a digital darkroom miracle worker. He has since moved on to tinkering with High Definition landscape photography. His present life philosophy aligns with Steve Wozniak's - " Never trust a computer you cant throw out a window."